Plan and monitor
your projects

Enhance the work of your foremen with Lean thinking, maximizing the HM savings of your project.

What is CrewPLAN?

Crew PLAN is an online platform that uses the Last Planner System methodology to plan and monitor construction projects efficiently and profitably.

With Crew PLAN, you can analyze the restrictions of all scheduled activities in a specific period, detect deviations immediately and make effective decisions to recover the project.

What do you achieve with Crew PLAN?

Always see how your project is going to optimize times and the use of resources

Immediate decision making

It allows detecting deviations and determining the causes of non-compliance of unfinished activities, which allows improving compliance with the daily program.

Continuous workflow

It allows to maintain a continuous flow of work, which improves the efficiency and productivity in the project.

Optimization of hours men

It allows optimizing hours men, which implies a reduction in lost hours and an improvement in the profitability of the project.

Control your project
in real time with the POD

Access information in real time from any device.

Our platform allows you to view your daily project schedule in an easy-to-use Gantt chart format, from anywhere, anytime.

Know every detail

The reports of the foreman in the work are visible in the application so that you have a complete vision of how the project is going.

Adjust the project and avoid deviations

Our platform allows you to detect and manage deviations in real time so you can make informed decisions and adjust the project as necessary.

They trust us

Good results support our trajectory with our clients

Platform modules

Planning Module:

Design and organize your plans with ease!

  • Base Contract Program: Create a detailed planning scheme and follow the Last Planner System philosophy
  • Three-weekly Program: Keep your planning updated and adjusted to the changes of the project

Daily Task Management Module

  • Improve productivity with daily work planning
  • Monitor progress in real time with the POD (Daily Programming) system
  • Ensure efficient execution of scheduled tasks with POD management
  • Control the fulfillment of daily tasks with online monitoring.

Reportability Module:

View and evaluate your progress in one place!

  • Reports and statistics of the progress of the work
  • Clear and precise visualization of the results of project planning and management.

How does planning work?

  1. Load the triweekly in Excel format on the platform.

  2. Displays the triweekly in Gantt chart format.

  3. Select the restrictions of the activities and define a release commitment for each one, with the person responsible and release date.

  4. Once the constraints are released, the activities are considered part of the executable work inventory and are available to be scheduled in the weekly schedule.

¿Qué dicen nuestros clientes?

"Empezamos a usar la solución y logramos reducir en un 30% el tiempo de planificación y aumentar en un 20% la productividad en el proyecto."
Jaime Bracho
Gerente Bramix
Pudimos detectar y corregir desviaciones en el proyecto a tiempo, lo que nos permitió cumplir con el cronograma y el presupuesto. De verdad que lo recomiendo
José Suarez (Minera del Sur)
Project Manager
Comenzamos probando en uno de nuestros proyectos, ahora usamos el servicio en todos los proyectos que tenemos, nos ahorramos muchas HH.
Jonny Mazatti (Constructora Mazatti)
Project Manager

Release your restrictions with ease

With the constraint analysis tool, keep precise control of the status of your release commitments and receive early alerts to ensure smooth compliance.

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